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About Us

SeaGlass Pools History
First SeaGlass Fiberglass Pool in St George UT

SeaGlass Pools was created in November 2002, in the charming town of Elloree, South Carolina. The owner of SeaGlass Pools first began his pool quest by forming a relationship with Hatteras Pools. Hatteras Pools is known in the fiberglass pool industry as having the beefiest pools around with 100% more fiberglass than most other manufacturers. This partnership was extremely successful and soon the vision was created to expand the territory of SeaGlass Pools.

SeaGlass Pools opened a new stronghold for the west in St. George, Utah in the early fall of 2004. Shortly after opening in the west, SeaGlass Pools took a big step forward with a new manufacturer relationship with A.E.C.C. (Arizona Environmental Container Corporation). A.E.C.C's unmatched experience and quality, combined with SeaGlass's good ol' fashioned southern honesty, hard-work and integrity, help to create a pool that is unquestionably the best in looks and endurance.

Fiberglass Pools loaded on truck In 2008, SeaGlass Pools partnered up with Latham Pool Products through Kafko Pool Products. Shortly after we began selling and installing vinyl liner swimming pools as a great alternative for our clients who maybe need something a little different.

Now, SeaGlass Pools offers all types of swimming pools whether they're inground or above ground. In fact we provide many accessories that go along with your pool and will fit splendidly in many backyards. We also offer a lot of differnet swimming pool related products that you might want. See our products at our on-line store SHOPRECREATION.

More About Laytham ( Kafko )

SeaGlass Vinyl Liner Pool with Kafko Kafko Pool Products has been the clear leader in the residential vinyl liner swimming pool manufacturing since 1971, earning worldwide brand name recognition for product and service innovations, outstanding customer service, unparalleled quality and marketing programs that are second to none. We have worked hard over the last 38 years to earn our designation as "The Pool Kit Specialist" a designation awarded by our retail dealers and a badge we wear proudly.

For nearly 40 years, Kafko Pool Products has set the standard for quality excellence, across North America and around the world. Our meticulous attention to every detail, flexible design specifications, and quality workmanship has earned us a reputation for long lasting beauty and durability and a name consumers recognize.

Kafko has over its history developed engineered solutions to many of the challenges that face retail dealers and consumers when designing a pool to meet the esthetic and structural requirements of a particular job. Among Kafko's most notable innovations are; Our patented 'Snap-Lock' Coping - which guarantees that the liner will never fall out of the coping: Ever! Our patented 'Super-Skim' skimmer featuring 'Water-Lock' technology - the only vinyl liner pool skimmer that completely encapsulates the pool wall from the pool water!

Our patented 'Multi-Flex' Polymer Pool System - The Swimming Pool Industries first fully flexible freeform polymer pool system that allows for fully flexible pool size and shape design.

'True-Fit' Vinyl Liners and Safety Covers - you'll have to install one to understand just how well they fit: but 'True-Fit' is a real time saver!.

Comparison Chart
Vinyl Liner Pools Fiberglass Pools Gunite Pools
Durability Can rip and tears;
is subject to chemical damage
Proven bulletproof;
withstands earthquakes/icing over
Cracked by shifting earth;
is subject to chemical damage
Strength May stretch and tear 17x stronger than concrete No flexibility
Monthly Costs Fairly high Value 11 Value 12
Repair Costs $40.00 - $50.00 $25.00 - $35.00 $80.00 - $150.00
% Self Cleaning 50% 90% 25%
Resurfacing Costs Liner replacement is costly Hardly any Resurfacing is costly
Surface Vinyl (PVC)
Algae nests in texture,
Corners tear and pull out,
Will puncture with hard toys and rough play,
Some shift in chemical balance = avg chemicals,
Scrub entire pool
Gel Coat
Algae can't bond,
Longest lasting surface,
No bleeding from sores on feet and hands,
No shift in chemical balance = few chemicals,
Vacuum bottom only
Algae nests in pores,
Cracks, stains, erodes,
Creates sores and bleeding on feet, hands,
Plaster raising PH levels = more chemicals,
Scrub entire pool
Warranty Pro-Rated after 3 yrs 25 yrs 1 year

Fiberglass Pools Vinyl Liner Pools Custom Concrete Pools

Chemicals - $20 mon for 10yrs

Electrical - $20 mon for 10yrs

Pool Service (not required)

Resurfacing (not required)





Replace Liner (2 times)

Chemicals - $25 month 10yrs

Electrical - $25 month 10yrs

Pool Service-$40 mon 10yrs
(once a month)





3 Acid Baths ($300 each)

One Replastering (7-8 years)

Chemicals - $30 month 10yrs

Electrical - $40 month 10yrs

Pool Service-$80 month 10yrs
(two weeks in a month)