SeaGlass Pools
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We'd love to help you in your efforts to build the pool that is just the right fit for you...

Pool Kits & Installation

Inground Pools

Our selection of pool kits are inground pools, being either fiberglass or vinyl liner and ideal for St. George UT.

Above Ground Pools

We offer a nice selection of above ground pools for St. George UT, with your choice of fiberglass or vinyl liner.

Swimming Pools

St George Pools pretty much offers every type, style, color and shape swimming pool that is possible.

Custom Pools

St George Pools does offer custom-ibilty and totally custom pools in special circumstances.

Fiberglass Pool Kits

Our Fiberglass Pool Kits are consider the best option for the St George UT area, coming in two different types. Its either an above ground pool kit or a fiberglass pool kit based upon what is ideal for you and your backyard.

Installation Help

When you choose to go with SeaGlass Pools you can decide between several different types of Installation.

  • (DIY) Do It Yourself

    Our pool kits are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer and there are many St George residents who have already…

  • DIY + Assistance

    By far the most PREFERRED option is DIY + Assistance. Home Owners like certain parts to be done by St George Pools…

  • Pool Kit + Installation

    Pool Kit + Installation is an option that allows the Home Owner to hire St George Pools to do the install for the pool kit…

  • Total Turnkey

    Going with the Total Turnkey option is basically hiring on a general contractor that handles the entire swimming pool project…

Vinyl Liner Pool Kits

Our Vinyl Liner Pool Kits for the St George UT area come in two different types. You choose between either an above ground pool kit or a fiberglass pool kit based upon what is best for you and your yard.