Custom Pools

Here at St George Pools we offer custom swimming pools - constructed and built to the size and shape you need. Our custom swimming pools can provide your family with a beautiful, refreshing, energetic environment right in your own backyard. As soon as you have your own custom pool you will be able to begin accumulating a mass of memories from year to year.

Since we have any size and shape of custom pools to choose from you can choose from all the different sizes of custom pools are listed as: small custom pools, medium custom pools and large custom pools. Beyond our custom pools we also have a variety of different types of pools we offer. Those types of pools are: custom concrete (gunite) pools, custom vinyl liner pools and even custom fiberglass pools.

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Design your very own style pool. Use our Pool Design Center to help you find the right pool for you. With the Pool Design Center you will be able to effectively convey the features you desire for your custom swimming pool.

Ever wonder how you could have a custom fiberglass pool. Well, we know just how to build a custom fiberglass pool and here's a little bit about how to build a custom swimming fiberglass pool.

The custom swimming pool build process from the swimming pool design to the fully completed ready to swim custom pool. The different steps it takes for building a custom swimming pool in your backyard.

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Custom Pool Models

Keep calm and go to the swimming Pool...   Life is cool by the pool...   Its' just you and the pool...   Leave all your problems in the pool and just let it go...  You're only one swim away from a good mood...   Just Keep Swimming!!!

Our custom pool shells are hands down to best type of pool shells you can purchase, all you have to do is find the facts that are available and make the comparison. They are manufactured with 100% custom matting laid across the entire pool shell (once you have gotten familiar with custom fabrication, you will then understand that our custom pool fabrication process is second to none). Our custom pool shell kits are built to last with a legit 25-year structural warranty to back it up. See our testimonials and hear what our customers have to say about SeaGlass Pools. Also, check out our gallery of custom pool kits.

One of the greatest things our custom pool shell kits have to offer is a simpler installation process. If you are somewhat handy or know someone who is, installing a custom pool is definitely the way to go. You will save thousands of dollars. For all of our complete DIY customers we assign an OPTA (Over-the-Phone-Tech-Assistant). An OPTA will be able to answer installation questions, give you pertinent tips on procedure and proper installation.

If you are not already convinced that one of our fiberglass pool kits is the best possible option then please consider one more thing, pool maintenance. Imagine yourself a few years down the road. You are still swimming just as happily as your were on day one. You have not had to drop a whole bunch of money to replace a liner or resurface. See Fiberglass vs. Gunite. You have kept your pool chemical cost and electric bill down. Why has everything worked out so excellently? Well, its because you decided to get a non-porous surfaced SeaGlass fiberglass pool. Our non-porous surface fiberglass pools offer three major advantages: 1) Pool maintenance is way easier (especially when you do not have to figure out how to clean algae and gunk out of all the pores and seems), 2) Pool up-keep and electrical costs are less, 3) You will be able to swim in your pool without having to worry about rubbing your knees, toes, fingers and whatever else raw. The low maintenance you get with a fiberglass pool really makes them dream pools.